[Opendnssec-user] Re: Migration from 1.3.8 to 1.4.01a

Fred Zwarts (KVI) F.Zwarts at KVI.nl
Tue Jun 26 11:50:46 UTC 2012

"Siôn Lloyd"  wrote in message news:4FE9959B.3080604 at nominet.org.uk...
>On 26/06/12 11:42, Fred Zwarts (KVI) wrote:
>> "Siôn Lloyd"  wrote in message 
>> news:4FE98B02.9090206 at nominet.org.uk...
>>> On 26/06/12 10:45, Fred Zwarts (KVI) wrote:
>>>> In a separate server we run OpenDNSSEC with a configuration mirroring 
>>>> the configuration of our master DNS server for testing purposes. In 
>>>> this system we tried to upgrade from version 1.3.8 to 1.4.01a. When we 
>>>> try to start OpenDNSSEC, we see the message:
>>>> ERROR: database version number incompatible with software; require 3, 
>>>> found 2. Please run the migration scripts
>>>> I was not able to find the documentation about migration scripts. Could 
>>>> someone help me to point to the documentation? Where are these 
>>>> migration scripts and how am I supposed to run them?
>>> Hi Fred.
>>> In the root directory of the tarball there should be a file called 
>>> "MIGRATION" which has the instructions for changing the database schema.
>>> For the 1.3 to 1.4 migration the instructions are under the section 
>>> "Migrating trunk". In short you need to run one of two scripts:
>>>      enforcer/utils/migrate_adapters_1.mysql
>>> or
>>>      enforcer/utils/migrate_adapters_1.sqlite3
>>> depending on your database choice.
>>> They are just sql statements so can be run in many ways, e.g.:
>>> sqlite3 [PATH_TO_DB] < enforcer/utils/migrate_adapters_1.sqlite3
>>> Thank you.
>>> Sion
>> Thanks, Siôn, for your reply.
>> I found the MIGRATION document, but there is no section 1.3 to 1.4. 
>> (There are only sections about the 1.1 to 1.2 and about 1.2 to 1.3 
>> migration.) So I read, as you said, the section about migrationg trunk.
>> But, in the enforcer/utils directory, there are no migrate_adapters_1 
>> scripts. I see the following scripts:
>> migrate_id_mysql.pl
>> migrate_keyshare_mysql.pl
>> migrate_keyshare_sqlite3.pl
>> migrate_to_ng_mysql.pl
>> migrate_to_ng_sqlite.pl
>> I guess with database, you mean the kasp.db file and if I am correct this 
>> is a sqlite3 database file, not a mysql file, so three of the five 
>> scripts I do not need.
>> Do I need both other scripts? In which order?
>Ah, apologies... The required migration scripts were not included in the 
>"a1" tarball; they are in the "a2" which is what I was looking at.
>There are only 3 lines of SQL required to convert a v1.3 database to 1.4; 
>they are:
>alter table zones add column in_type varchar(512) default "File";
>alter table zones add column out_type varchar(512) default "File";
>update dbadmin set version = 3;
>The easiest thing might be to run:
>"sqlite3 [PATH_TO_KASP.DB]"
>then cut and paste the above into the terminal.
>The scripts that you list above are for earlier versions, or preparation 
>for v2.0.
>Sorry about that.

Thanks. That worked, I think. Most zones now run as before. For one zone I 
see strange messages:

Jun 26 13:31:47 KVIVS13 ods-signerd: [engine] signer started
Jun 26 13:31:47 KVIVS13 ods-signerd: [hsm] unable to get key: key 
c6cbe2b255ddd91b7d9ebb613eedb0dc not found
Jun 26 13:31:47 KVIVS13 ods-signerd: [zone] unable to publish dnskeys for 
zone error creating dnskey
Jun 26 13:31:47 KVIVS13 ods-signerd: [zone] unable to recover zone corrupted file
Jun 26 13:31:47 KVIVS13 ods-signerd: [engine] unable to recover zone from backup, performing full sign
Jun 26 13:31:48 KVIVS13 ods-signerd: [signconf] zone signconf: RESIGN[PT7200S] 
MINIMUM[PT10800S] SERIAL[datecounter]

In the signer queue, I see this zone still in the configure state:

On Tue Jun 26 13:46:53 2012 I will [configure] zone

I'm worried about the "key ... not found" message and the "unable to publish 
dnskeys" message. In the list shown with "ods-ksmutil key list --verbose" I 
do not see c6cbe2b255ddd91b7d9ebb613eedb0dc: KSK           dsready   When 
required       (keypub)   2048    8 
6bdf2e906c11612ef6aa969a331db5b1  SoftHSM                           21061 ZSK           ready     next 
rollover       (active)   1024    8 
78c7dd05b98cff9b31bc90d5cb784ec6  SoftHSM                           56050 ZSK           active    2012-08-22 
17:02:12 (retire)   1024    8           8ac106af8e85056bbef28ca6f8106b95 
SoftHSM                           52464 KSK           active    2012-11-14 
10:41:23 (retire)   2048    8           96c8b52a476c2c254c42b6b73320ee1c 
SoftHSM                           23881

(Also the other zones do not show this c6cbe2b255ddd91b7d9ebb613eedb0dc.)
In fact, apart from the messages in the log and the [configure] in the queue 
list, everything looks normal. I wonder whether something is really wrong 
and how it can be repaired. 

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