[Opendnssec-user] Migrating from ODS 1.4.10 to 2.1.3

Vincent Levigneron vincent.levigneron at afnic.fr
Fri Feb 2 10:48:09 UTC 2018


I use ODS 1.4.10 and for all the TLDs I operate and I have standby DS in case of an
emergency KSK rollover. This concept does not exist in ODX 2.x.x (marked
as experimental in 1.x.x versions).
I would be interested to know if someone succeeded to have something
equivalent with the existing key states in ODS 2.x.x ?
Have I another choice that to give up standby DS if I decide to move to
ODS 2.1.3 ?

Best regards.


	Vincent Levigneron  A.F.N.I.C.  Vincent.Levigneron at nic.fr
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