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From the previous thread discussion in http://lists.opendnssec.org/pipermail/opendnssec-user/2014-June/003024.html , I notice the idea is like this :
1. the master runs enforcer and signer 
2. the slave runs signer only
3. sync conf files from master to slave
4. if master is down , run enforcer on slave immediately

We plan to do like this :

1.Two opendnssec instances employed
2.The same HSM cluster serves for keys production
3.The same Mysql cluster serves for key data storage

I wonder if enforcer runs on both nodes,what will happen ? Does the enforcer on slave have to be stopped?


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On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 3:59 PM, gaolei <gaolei at knet.cn> wrote:

Hi all,

From KNET , I notice there is a topic about opendnssec High Availablity at https://wiki.opendnssec.org/display/DOCS/High+availability 

But I was a little puzzled by this page.

It mentioned about master/slave like this:
Careful consideration should be given to which, if any, process are run on a slave (or on each master in a Master-Master) configuration. Some operators don't run either the enforcer or the signer on a slave instance but merely duplicate the data between the two instances in a timely fashion. Others run two master servers, both enforcing and signing but only publishing from an 'active' master.

I'm wondering what will happen to the rollover of keys if we make a master-master deployment.
1.Mysql used to store keys data , and
2.HSM machine employed to generate keys , and
3.Two opendnssec instances running on seperate servers for the same zone
Will the two opendnssec instances generate different keys for the same zone? If so , it seems as if it will bring troubles when the 'active' master is down ?

Yes, the two instances will generate different keys and that will cause problems on switching between the two signers. It's not clear if you plan to use separate HSM for each of the ODS instances, but what you generally do is pre-generate keys and have them synced in case of two HSMs. The MySQL on both signers should be in sync, the HSM key mapping files as well so basically the two signers sign the zone using the same keys.
Here is  another thread of the mailing list discussing HA.



Can anyone give more suggestions on the High Availablity of opendnssec ?

Best Regards!

2014-08-24 18:05:37

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