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Miek Gieben miek.gieben at sidn.nl
Fri Oct 12 09:40:22 UTC 2012

[ Quoting Jerry Lundström at 11:33 on October 12 in "Re: [Opendnssec-user] ods 1.3.5"... ]
> > it takes to resign the nl zone keep increasing until we restart ods. Clearly
> > visible in the drops in the graph.
> Thanks for the visualization, its really good.
> Altho I would like the raw syslog data that I requested from you a few months
> ago :) so we can verify that you really do restart at each of the drops. I've
> seen other data about this (.SE) and it is not clear that a drop is an effect of
> a restart every time.

Well, Matthijs was here a few weeks ago. Maybe you should come too? The good
news is that we now also see this behavior in our test setup, which means we
can beat the sh*t out of ods without impacting production.

> This sounds like normal Signer operations for that size of a zone and usage.
> The memory increase you see after startup is because the zone gets reread and
> new/delete records are allocated and after its all read it adds them to the
> zone structure. This will fragment the memory a lot and that makes the Signer
> take up more memory after a while.
> > Also weird is that all this memory is in the resident set, i.e. all memory
> > allocated is in active use (somehow).
> Its because its "walked upon" every sign.

I think this is somehow the core of the "bug". This keeps increasing and
increasing. Maybe it is related to the signature validity period? I.e. it
keeps increasing for 4 weeks and then it stabilizes, because finally some
signatures can be thrown of this list...?


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