[Opendnssec-user] Problems triggered by a zone removal in ODS 1.3.8.

Göran Bengtson goeran at chalmers.se
Thu May 24 08:03:35 UTC 2012

I've created a BUG Report for this, but I wonder if this problem is seen
only by me. (Using ODS 1.3.8).

To summarize, removing a zone (from zonelist.xml etc) creates two problem.

1	The signer does not understand that the zone is removed (even
 	though the ods-ksmutil update all indicate that it is removed,
 	and the enforcer gets the picture. Th signer still tries to
 	sign the zone. This is resolved by restarting ODS.

2	This is serious. Immediately after the ods-ksmutil update command
 	is given ODS gets seriously confused about the keys in ANOTHER,
 	remaining zone. A new ZSK key is generated, and the active ZSK
 	dissapears (is not used anymore). ods-ksmutil key list
 	only show the KSK key and the newly generated ZSK key (in publish

Now, this occurred first yesterday when removing a zone. But since it occurred
again today when removing another zone, the problem is reproducable, at least
with my installation.

 			/ Göran Bengtson

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