[Opendnssec-user] Problem with signer in 1.4.0a2

Patrik Wallström patrik.wallstrom at iis.se
Wed Jun 27 10:39:28 UTC 2012

On Jun 27, 2012, at 11:32 AM, Fred Zwarts (KVI) wrote:
> Yesterday I upgraded our test system from 1.3.8 via 1.4.0a1 to 1.4.0a2 (on a 
> Linux SLES11SP2 x86_64 system).
> Everything seems to run nice. I the log file I see every now and then a 
> [STATS] message that says that some new signatures were generated for the 
> different zones in this configuration.
> There are, however, a few things that worry me.
> The command "ods-control signer queue" tells for all zones "I will 
> [configure] zone". It used to say "I will [sign] zone". In the system log I 
> see messages like "ods-signerd: [worker[4]] backoff task [configure] for 
> zone". What does that mean?

I've seen this before. It probably mean that you have misconfigured something in your zonelist.xml file. Please look over it and see that it has been updated correctly for the 1.4 syntax (1.4 uses new configuration statements for the zones in to accommodate the new adapter functionality). The error statement could be more clear though.

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