[Opendnssec-user] SCA6000 + Ubuntu

Michael Braunoeder mib at nic.at
Fri Mar 12 13:46:16 UTC 2010


Am 24.11.2009 17:16, schrieb Rickard Bellgrim:
> Hash: SHA256
>> During the workshop few weeks ago you mentioned that you are using this
>> SCA6000 with Ubuntu. Is it possible for you to share details about
>> installation procedure? Are you patching kernel? Are you patching
>> drivers? That would help us a lot.
> The kernel driver needs to be patched. The other programs are supplied as binary packages. Some of the configuration needs to be patched so that the SCA6K daemons can start. I am running on a 64-bit machine.


I'm currently trying to get the SCA6000 working on a Ubuntu 10.04 alpha 
(with kernel 2.6.32).

The patching and compilation of the kernel drivers worked fine with 
Rickards howto, but when I try to start the services the mca modul 
throws the following error messages:

[ 4745.141162] mca: no symbol version for crypto_op_notification
[ 4745.141166] mca: Unknown symbol crypto_op_notification
[ 4745.141283] mca: no symbol version for crypto_unregister_provider
[ 4745.141286] mca: Unknown symbol crypto_unregister_provider
[ 4745.141435] mca: no symbol version for crypto_provider_notification
[ 4745.141437] mca: Unknown symbol crypto_provider_notification
[ 4745.142379] mca: no symbol version for crypto_register_provider
[ 4745.142381] mca: Unknown symbol crypto_register_provider

I search around, but it seems that this symbols are not available in the 
Linux kernel (I just found it in documentations for the opensolaris 

Does anybody know a solution for this?


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