[Opendnssec-user] Re: SCA6000 + Ubuntu

Jaroslav Benkovský jaroslav.benkovsky at nic.cz
Wed Mar 17 12:59:23 UTC 2010

> Michael Braunoeder:
> I'm currently trying to get the SCA6000 working on a Ubuntu 10.04
> alpha (with kernel 2.6.32).

> The patching and compilation of the kernel drivers worked fine with
> Rickards howto, but when I try to start the services the mca modul
> throws the following error messages:

> [ 4745.141162] mca: no symbol version for crypto_op_notification
> [ 4745.141166] mca: Unknown symbol crypto_op_notification
> [ 4745.141283] mca: no symbol version for crypto_unregister_provider
> [ 4745.141286] mca: Unknown symbol crypto_unregister_provider


it's quite easy. Attached is a patch I use on Ubuntu 9.10 with
2.6.31-14-server x86_64 kernel. It has to be aplied over the patch to
get SCA working on Ubuntu Hardy. The relevant part is the patching of
Makefiles to get list of exported symbols from scaf to mca.

Jarda Benkovsky

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