[Opendnssec-user] hsm_get_slot_id(): could not find token with thename OpenDNSSEC

Rick Zijlker rick.zijlker at sidn.nl
Fri Mar 12 10:59:02 UTC 2010

Hey Migiel,

I see you haven't installed the database at the default location. Have
you changed your /etc/softhsm.conf file to point to this location?

Earlier "softhsm --init-token --slot 0 --label "OpenDNSSEC" " fixed the
response you got for me. Did you use the same Token label at
initialization as in your /etc/conf.xml repository? (
<TokenLabel>OpenDNSSEC</TokenLabel> )

Best regards,
Rick Zijlker

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I just installed "opendnssec-1.0.0" on debian unstable. When I try to
publish a key to the parent, running the following command:

ods-ksmutil key export --zone example.com"

I get this response:

SQLite database set to: /var/opendnssec/kasp.db
hsm_get_slot_id(): could not find token with the name OpenDNSSEC

Besides that i get this line in my syslog:

ods-ksmutil: SoftHSM: init: Wrong database schema version:

Unfortunately i was unable to solve this problem.

Does someone know how i can fix this problem?

Migiel de Vos

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