[Opendnssec-user] OpenDNSSEC 2.1.5 released

Fred. Zwarts F.Zwarts at KVI.nl
Thu Nov 7 10:57:13 UTC 2019

I see that the output of "ods-enforcer key list --verbose" has changed. 
The column with header "Date of next transition:" does not show dates 
any more. No problem, I think, because "ods-enforcer queue" shows dates.
But shouldn't the header of the column match its content?

Op 05.nov..2019 om 22:46 schreef Berry A.W. van Halderen:
> Dear all,
> Version 2.1.5 of OpenDNSSEC has been released today.
> The previous release fixed an important issue, but unfortunately left in
> a memory leak, which this release fixes. This release of 2.1.5 fixes the
> memory issue, along with some additional issues primarily relating to
> minor migration improvements and configuration.
> The 2.1.5 release is available immediately from the download site.
> Installations still on the 1.4 release should really upgrade to this
> version as it has been tested enough by major players.
> Fixes
> - SUPPORT-245: Resolve memory leak in signer introduced in 2.1.4.
> - SUPPORT-244: Don’t require Host and Port to be specified in conf.xml
>    when migrating with a MySQL-based enforcer database backend.
> - Allow for MySQL database to pre-exist when performing a migration,
>    and be a bit more verbose during migration.
> - Fix AllowExtraction tag in configuration file definition.
> - SUPPORT-242: Skip over EDNS cookie option.
> - SUPPORT-240: Prevent exit of enforcer daemon upon interrupted
>    interaction with CLI commands (when having > 1000 zones.
> - Corrected some error messages.
> Download here:
>    https://dist.opendnssec.org/source/opendnssec-2.1.5.tar.gz
> The OpenDNSSEC Team.
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