[Opendnssec-user] upgrade debian Jessie to Stretch: database trouble

Dennis Baaten dennis at baaten.com
Fri Nov 3 10:23:28 UTC 2017

I solved it. 

Just to be sure, I first moved the token directory from /var/lib/softhsm/tokens/ to /var/lib/opendnssec/tokens/. I did this by setting "directories.tokendir = /var/lib/opendnssec/tokens/" in /etc/softhsm/softhsm2.conf. Then I executed the migration steps described by Capser again.
Unfortunately this still resulted in the same error, when starting enforcer and signer.

Then I noticed that the permissions of the token directory and files within this directory. The were set to 'root' while opendnssec runs on user 'opendnssec'. After changing the owner of the directory and the files within, I was able to succesfully start enforcer and signer. 

So it took me a couple of days, but it seems that opendnssec is running again. Casper, Yuri and Berry, thanks for your help!

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