[Opendnssec-user] sqllite upgrade to 1.4.18

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Thu May 4 02:33:41 UTC 2017

freebsd 10.3

portmaster opendnssec tells me

    ===>>> pkg-message for opendnssec-1.4.14
    This file gives you instructions on how to migrate from one version of
    OpenDNSSEC to another.

    *** Migrating from 1.4.X to 1.4.8 ***

    As of 1.4.8 the database has changes slightly. To migrate between databases
    run the SQL statements given in:


      against your existing database.

but it barfs when i try to do so

    /usr/ports/dns/opendnssec/work/opendnssec-1.4.14# sqlite3 < enforcer/utils/migrate_1_4_8.sqlite3
    Error: near line 3: no such table: dnsseckeys
    Error: near line 4: no such table: dnsseckeys
    Error: near line 19: no such table: parameters
    Error: near line 21: no such table: dbadmin

clue bat please


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