[Opendnssec-user] OpenDNSSEC 2.1.0 released

Yuri Schaeffer yuri at nlnetlabs.nl
Fri Apr 28 15:33:45 CEST 2017

Hi Volker,

> I followed the discussion on the upgrade path of some users. Today I had
> a look at my OpenDNSSEC version. It's 1.4.6 because it's the Debian
> jessie package. When I look at the upcoming stretch release, there will
> be 2.0.4. 

When I look at my package manager (apt, Debian unstable) both 1.4.6 and
2.0.4 are available. So likely you can continue to use 1.4.6.
(though that doesn't reflect on the packages.debian.org website, I'm not
sure how that works)

> Are there any binary packages available for running the 2.1.x
> versions on Debian/Ubuntu?

We do not provide such a thing. Ondřej Surý  [1] packages OpenDNSSEC for
Debian, maybe he's able to help you there.

[1] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=ondrej%40debian.org

> I now see an issue on the path how to update and maintain a current
> OpenDNSSEC version.
> Any suggestions? Am I required to compile OpenDNSSEC myself? I made some
> bad experiences with self-compiling when I started using OpenDNSSEC.

Well, if you end up with a 2.X any other than 2.1.1 and find yourself
required to go over the migration steps I strongly recommend you to use
the migration scripts from 2.1.1. So use the files from this directory


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