[Opendnssec-user] Diagnosing syntax error in zone file

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Mon Sep 12 10:45:25 UTC 2016

Yuri, that solved the problem! Thanks very much for the suggestion, and thanks to Håvard for responding as well. 

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> On Sep 12, 2016, at 4:30 AM, Yuri Schaeffer <yuri at nlnetlabs.nl> wrote:
> Hi Ted,
>> Is there some difference between the syntax rules for BIND and
>> opendnssec? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able
>> to find an answer in the documentation or via Google.
> A TXT record can contain one or more character strings. Which applies to
> your record at line 37. The problem ODS has with this record is that the
> strings are not delimited by whitespace.
> I'm unable to find just now if the record is valid or not. Need to read
> up on that. In the mean time put a space between every pair of double
> quotes and the signer should be able to parse it.
> Regards,
> Yuri
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