[Opendnssec-user] Sign certificate request with SoftHSMv2

Roland van Rijswijk - Deij Roland.vanRijswijk at surfnet.nl
Fri Feb 27 09:19:16 UTC 2015

Hi Andrei,

Andrei Korostelev wrote:
> To sign a certificate signing request (CSR) in OpenSSL I
> use |X509_sign()| function by feeding it with a request
> (as |X509_REQ*|), signing key and a digest.
> Now I have my signing key stored in HSM, so I can't extract it to sign
> CSR. Unfortunately PKCS#11 does not provide an analogue
> to |X509_sign()|. All it has is |C_Sign() / C_SignUpdate() /
> C_SignFinal()| family of functions which operate on raw data.
> Can someone help me with sample C/C++ code how to use SoftHSMv2 to sign
> CSR created with OpenSSL?

I don't have sample code for you unfortunately; integration between PKCS
#11 and OpenSSL normally goes through an OpenSSL PKCS #11 engine. The
OpenSC project provides a very limited PKCS #11 engine that they claim
will work with any PKCS #11 library (but we haven't tested it explicitly
with SoftHSM v2). You could give that a try.


In the case of commercial HSMs from vendors like SafeNet (now Gemalto)
and nCipher (now Thales) they usually supply their own OpenSSL
extensions for this purpose.



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