[Opendnssec-user] Zone stuck, not updating

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at pletterpet.nl
Tue Oct 28 08:16:38 UTC 2014


On 23-10-14 22:17, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using DNS zone transfers in and out of OpenDNSSEC with OpenDNSSEC
> version 1.4.6.  It looks like one of the zones have become wedged, and
> OpenDNSSEC refuses to transfer a new copy, despite a new SOA being
> announced via DNS notify.  ods-signerd logs:
> <timestamp+host> ods-signerd: [query] ignore notify from a.b.c.d: zone xxx.yyy.no transfer in progress

This may be a bit misleading log message: The query code checks whether 
there is already a notify acquired. If so, there is a check to see if 
the incoming notify has a serial newer than OpenDNSSEC knows of. If not, 
it will log this message.

"Look, I got a notify already and need to transfer anyway" was perhaps a 
better log message. Or perhaps "updated notify serial to <new_serial>".

> What makes it think it's currently transferring the zone, and is there
> something I can do to clear that state?  I've done a full restart of
> OpenDNSSEC via "ods-control stop" and "ods-control start", to no
> avail.

The notify_acquired that is being checked is stored to xfrd.state and 
thus being restored on restart.

Perhaps the bug is that there is a corner case that the notify_acquired 
was not reset properly?

Best regards,

> Regards,
> - Håvard
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