[Opendnssec-user] Follow up on ods-enforcerd segfault

David Peall david at dnservices.co.za
Wed May 28 12:40:59 UTC 2014


I tried to do a key rollover and this seems to have triggered the same bug:

ods-ksmutil key rollover --zone za --all
  Manual key rollover for key type all on zone za initiated

From syslog:
  ods-enforcerd: No new KSKs need to be created. 
  ods-enforcerd: 1 new ZSK(s) (1024 bits) need to be created for policy zacr-nsec3: keys_to_generate(1) = keys_needed(2) - keys_available(1).
  kernel: [688550.164139] ods-enforcerd[15772]: segfault at 0 ip 00007ffb985ceb14 sp 00007fff31d272e0 error 4 in libcknfast.so[7ffb98525000+1ee000]

David Peall
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