[Opendnssec-maintainers] Re: [Opendnssec-user] Move from subversion to git

Jerry Lundström jerry at opendnssec.org
Sat Feb 15 11:24:36 UTC 2014

Hi all,

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 5:36 PM, Sara Dickinson <sara at sinodun.com> wrote:

> A further update - our current plan is to move to the OpenDNSSEC code from
> svn to git at the end of this week (14th Feb).

The OpenDNSSEC source code has been moved to GitHub and can now be found
here https://github.com/opendnssec/opendnssec . The SVN repository is still
available, but won't receive any more updates.


Jerry Lundström - OpenDNSSEC Developer
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