[Opendnssec-user] ods-ksmutil key list --zone segfaults

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at freshdot.net
Tue Feb 21 08:03:34 UTC 2012

Quoting Rickard Bellgrim (rickard at opendnssec.org):

> The MutexFactory is now an other type of Singleton object.
> Could you please try r6177 in SoftHSM trunk.

Checked out r6177, compiled. The problem is gone now:

| root at ods1:~/svnhsm# ods-ksmutil key list --zone t1.invalid --verbose
| SQLite database set to: /mnt/ods/db/kasp.db
| Keys:
| Zone:       Keytype:  State:  Date of next transition: [ .. ]
| t1.invalid  KSK       ready   waiting for ds-seen      [ .. ]
| t1.invalid  ZSK       active  2012-03-20 23:09:23      [ .. ]
| root at ods1:~/svnhsm# 

Thanks, Rickard!

I'm curious to know what caused this problem? Is it the multiple tokens
i have configured? I've had multiple keys in one token before...

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