[Opendnssec-user] problem Database locked

Sylvain JOLIVET sylvain.jolivet at nameshield.net
Mon Aug 13 10:26:30 UTC 2012

Hi Jerry,

> At what time+date did you run the ods-ksmutil and what is the time+date on the log lines?
> Did the problem persist after these log lines? Did you do something to resolve it?

The ods-ksmutil run at 02:20:05 am the 11 August and the log lines 
between 02:20:05 and 02:20:07.

Afert this log lines the ods-enforcerd stop running. I resolve with a 
restart of ods-enforcerd.

>> I don't understand why the ods-enforcer stop working, because I suppose that the
>> ods-ksmutil make just SELECT in database.
> ods-ksmutil key export does not lock the database, are you running something else also? Maybe some other ods-ksmutil commands in cron around the time of the log errors?

At this time, my cron execute one ods-ksmutil key list and some 
ods-ksmutil key export. That's all.

But I reproduce this problem with starting ods-enforcerd and executing 
several ods-ksmutil export at the same time.

I create this little perl program :

#starting enforcerd
`sudo /etc/init.d/opendnssec-enforcer start`;

my $i =0;

for($i=0;$i<50;$i++) {

`ods-ksmutil key export -z nameshield.se`;


The 10 first ods-ksmutil key export works fine. But at the other, the 
'ERROR' log lines appear.

Best regards,
> Cheers,
> Jerry
> --
> Jerry Lundström - OpenDNSSEC Developer
> http://www.opendnssec.org/

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