[Opendnssec-user] signerd crash and then some

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Thu Oct 20 08:39:17 UTC 2011

+--On 20 octobre 2011 09:49:20 +0200 Jerry Lundström
<jerry at opendnssec.org> wrote:
| Hi Mathieu,
| On 2011-10-19 11.46, Mathieu Arnold <mat at mat.cc> wrote:
|> running 1.3.0 right now (will update to 1.3.2 later today)
| Have you been able to try 1.3.2 yet?

Yes, I did, did not solve my problem though :-)

|> Oct 18 10:09:44 kernel: pid 23835 (ods-signerd), uid 0: exited on signal
|> 11
| Where you able to get a back trace from the core dump?

No, there was no core dump.

|> and since then, the backoff grew to 3600 seconds, and I can't seem to
|> have the zones signed again.
| You might try stopping opendnssec and clearing out everything in
| /var/opendnssec/tmp and then starting it back up, hopefully it will start
| working again.

It's what I ended up doing, that and restoring old signconf before the new
zsk were added, adding them back, and switching them manually.

Mathieu Arnold

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