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Bryton bryton at tznic.or.tz
Mon Jul 4 07:45:30 UTC 2011


I did *ods-control start* and watch the logs at the same time.I noticed 
that the key is not created.and further to that I noticed that there is 
not tz.xml in signconf directory.My question is when is this file 
created and what are the contents.I decided to do a touch tz.xml the 
file was created but when doing ods-control start it tells me that the 
file is empty and expective < tag meaning that is supposed to have contents.

On 07/01/2011 12:31 PM, Rickard Bellgrim wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 11:29 AM, Rickard Bellgrim
> <rickard at opendnssec.org>  wrote:
>> The zone will be signed before the KSK is considered to be active. It
>> is just that the DNSKEY+RRSIG must propagate before you can send up
>> the DS to the parent zone.
> And in your test environment you can just skip sending the DS and just
> give the ds-seen command straight away.
> // Rickard


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