[Opendnssec-user] signed crash (1.3.4)

Gilles Massen gilles.massen at restena.lu
Thu Dec 22 10:31:52 UTC 2011

Jeryy, Rickard,

> The following files are handled in the tmp-directory for the 1.3.4:
> * <name>.inbound - the unsigned zone
> * <name>.backup - backup of the signed zone
> * <name>.finalized - the signed zone for auditing. Moved to
> signed-directory once the audit is done.
> * <name>.state - This file is only read the first time you are using
> 1.3. The state information is now stored in the backup file.

Thanks for clarifying. My first guesses lead nowhere, and I cannot
reproduce the crash, even by restoring the files as they were before the

Currently I've enabled dumps, and am running the backup signer whithin
valgrind. If there is a memory leak, it would be a subtle one...not
really getting worse over time, but still somehow context dependend. The
kind you love :)


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