[Opendnssec-user] Error returned from ds-seen command

Siôn Lloyd sion at nominet.org.uk
Wed Aug 31 08:34:13 UTC 2011

On 30/08/11 21:24, Sebastian Castro wrote:
> Here at .NZ we are seeing the same. Within ods-ksmutil, there are some
> functions giving -1 as a return code, which later is used as exit status
> for exit(). That's translated by the OS to 255 in $?
> Just to provide an example, when you first activate a KSK (first
> ds-seen) there is no KSK to retire, causing ods-ksmutil to return 255 as
> exit status.
> Although not serious it's kind of annoying if you are wrapping
> OpenDNSSEC calls with scripts as Rick is doing.

I have tried to use -1 as an error return; this one slipped through, 
sorry about that.

I can't see any other cases where this will happen (at least in trunk); 
if you have any other specific examples then please send them to me.



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