[Opendnssec-user] Error returned from ds-seen command

Siôn Lloyd sion at nominet.org.uk
Tue Aug 30 08:25:56 UTC 2011

On 30/08/11 08:10, Rick van Rein wrote:
> The log gives no hints, but basically repeats the above info, with
> a bit of verbosity from our wrapper scripts:
> Aug 29 23:29:06 adleman portal_shell[16535]: Running: /usr/local/surfdomeinen/bin/ods-control-wrapper ksm key ds-seen -z smurfnet.org -x 29419
> Aug 29 23:29:06 adleman ods-ksmutil: Key b42bd6fdf74f35d6de657aaa9e941282 made active
> Aug 29 23:29:06 adleman portal_shell[16535]: Fatal error: Error: 65280
> Aug 29 23:29:06 adleman portal_shell[16535]: Closing shell with force
> Aug 29 23:30:31 adleman ods-ksmutil: Key ebc75c93e13d28f3f55570bfb9471c73 made active
> This error is also raised if we deliberately provide an already-seen or
> non-existent key; but the situation above is a real, first submission
> with ds-seen.

I'm confused by the wrapper script output... It seems that two different 
keys are being made active? Or is this the output of two runs of the script?

What return code do you see if you run without your wrapper script?

Can you send me a copy of the script, off-list is fine, so I can see 
what is going on?



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