[Opendnssec-user] confusing error messages

Miek Gieben miek at miek.nl
Tue Aug 16 08:05:26 UTC 2011

[ Quoting Matthijs Mekking at 10:01 on August 16 in "Re: [Opendnssec-user] confusing err"... ]
> > But the setting is 'keep':
> > 
> > $ ods-ksmutil policy export -p default | grep Serial
> > <Serial>keep</Serial>
> > 
> > I'm I doing something wrong here?
> Hi Miek,
> The 'keep' value tells the signer that the operator manually updates the
> serial in the unsigned zone file.
> If the signer is triggered to sign, it should increment the outbound
> serial. However, with <Serial>keep</Serial> it MUST use the serial from
> the input zone to increment the outbound serial. If that value is not
> greater than the outbound serial, the signer is unable to sign the zone.

Ah, of course. I didn't completely wipe out the ods stats, so it still
knows what the prev serial is.

*more coffee*

Thanks for the quick reply.

grtz Miek
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