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Miek Gieben miek at miek.nl
Mon Jul 19 17:30:17 UTC 2010

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> Hello,
> I'm writing an export function to export the OpenDNSSEC keys from
> the database to a format understood by BIND. This already works
> very nicely[*]:
> [*] The shell scripts are alpha quality, but I'm happy to post them to
> this list if somebody wants to see them.

We (SIDN) are going to use these scripts in production -- soonish.

Currently the ods-export consists out of 4 scripts that read
the kasp.db, convert the keys found from the HSM to bind9 format and
set the timing paramaters (dnssec-keyfromlabel).

Futher more there is a small Perl script that parses the signconf.xml
to create the options for dnssec-signzone (-A -j -k, -T and -s
<salt>), so that the signing parameters are in sync.

Then dnssec-signzone -S <sign_options> is called to sign the zone.

Our offer still stands, if people are interested in these scripts
please contact me or SIDN.

Kind regards,
Miek Gieben
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