[Opendnssec-user] Problems accessing SCA6000 under Linux

B C brettlists at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 20:45:41 UTC 2010

We are currently seeing a problem on a Centos5 Linux box which has a Sun
SCA6000 installed in it.

It has been functioning fine, opendnssec rc2 is running and could access the
HSM and create/use keys etc, however all of a sudden ods-signerd is having
issues accessing the HSM
I see this in the logs:

 ods-signerd: err create_dnskey stderr: Error initializing libhsm

also ods-hsmutil list has started returning:

hsm_get_slot_id(): could not find token with the name Sun Metaslot

opencryptoki is also reporting errors in its logs:

Jan  8 20:10:46 beta-dnssec1.nominet.org.uk openCryptokiModule[4241]:
hsm_get_slot_id(): could not find token with the name Sun Metaslot
Jan  8 20:10:47 beta-dnssec1.nominet.org.uk openCryptokiModule[4256]:
api_interface.c:3771 Token Not Present

I can access the HSM from the Sun scamgr utility with no issues, and the
diagnostics are not showing any issues.

I've uninstalled and re-installed all the Sun modules/drivers and the
opencrypto package but the problem still exists.

I've also reset the HSM from within scamgr -D also to no avail

We have another server that is setup exactly the same and is working without
any issues.

Is this pointing towards a hardware failure or have I missed something

Any help greatly appreciated

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