[Opendnssec-user] accept notify from more than one master?

Thomas Egrelius thomas.egrelius at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 13:37:14 UTC 2010


I have noticed (with 1.0.0) that zone fetcher seem to only accept
notifies from the last one in the list of masters. Notifies from any
of the other masters listed is ignored with the following log message:

zone_fetcher: [ID 602383 local0.info] zone fetcher refused message
from unauthoritative source:

If I move the master down to the bottom of the list, the
notify is accepted and acted upon.

I have also had problems with the Notify listener binding to any other
port than 53, no matter what I enter in the zonefetcher config.

Is this someting that have been solved in trunk and/or 1.1rc1 already,
or should I open a ticket for it?


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