[Opendnssec-user] Problem signed almost empty zone

Bjorn Hansson hansson at netera.se
Tue Oct 27 14:14:41 UTC 2009


I have a problem signing almost empty zones. I.e. the zone attached 
below, containing just a SOA and one NS record.

$TTL 14400
almostempty.se. IN SOA dns01.netera.se. hostmaster.netera.se. (
                                 2009102702   ; Serial number
                                      86400   ; Refresh     1 day
                                       7200   ; Retry       2 hours
                                    3600000   ; Expire      41.67 days
                                      86400 ) ; Minimum TTL 2 days

almostempty.se.             IN NS dns01.netera.se.

In the tmp-directory I have almostempty.se.sorted, which looks correct 
to me, and almostempty.se.processed, which also seem correct, and 
almostempty.se.nsecced, which is empty.

The log read:
ods-signerd: Received command: 'sign almostempty.se'
ods-signerd: Scheduling task to sign zone almostempty.se at 
1256649174.06 with resign time 7200
ods-signerd: Connection closed by peer
ods-signerd: Zone action to perform: 4
ods-signerd: Sorting zone: almostempty.se
ods-signerd: Preprocessing zone: almostempty.se
ods-signerd: NSEC(3)ing zone: almostempty.se
ods-signerd: signer stderr: Warning: unable to open 
/var/opendnssec/tmp/almostempty.se.signed: No such file or directory, 
performing full zone sign
ods-signerd: signer stderr: signer: number of signatures created: 0 
(within a second)
ods-signerd: No new signatures, keeping zone

Is this a known issue, or can I provide more information for you to be 
able to investigate this further?

Thanks for all your nice work so far!

Best regards,

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