[Opendnssec-develop] Multithreaded Enforcer issues before we can merge with trunk

Siôn Lloyd sion at nominet.org.uk
Fri Aug 24 09:08:03 UTC 2012

On 24/08/12 09:44, Sara (Sinodun) wrote:
> On 24 Aug 2012, at 06:42, Jerry Lundström wrote:
>> Hi,
>> So yesterday at the telephone conference meeting we discussed the
>> multithreaded Enforcer and Sion have tested the functionality of the
>> branch and is happy with it. I would now like everyone comment on the
>> issues I see that are left to resolve before we merge the code into
>> trunk.
>> 1. Logging
>> Today nothing has been made to the logging of the functions called
>> when doing work in multiple threads. Without threads the Enforcer logs
>> what zone it starts processing and then a few log lines about the
>> progress, theses log lines now come all mixed up so you can not
>> differentiate between the log lines what zone it is about.
>> So how should we solve this?
>> - Maybe prepend zone to all log lines?
> +1. Simpler, doesn't reduce what is logged compared to current behaviour
> and can be post-processed easily if needed.

+1 Does this decision effect the enforcer-NG also? Do we want it to be 

>> - Remove most log lines while working and just return one line per
>> zone when finished successful or with error?
>> - ?
>> 2. Enabling of multithreaded Enforcer
>> The branch I have set up have a configuration option
>> (--enable-enforcer-workers) to enable multithreaded Enforcer at
>> compile time.
>> Is this the right approach or do we want this always compiled and
>> controlled by conf.xml ?
> I vote for conf.xml to make testing/roll-back easier (with a default 
> of disabled).
+1; although leave the compile flag in, in case folk want to build 
without it?

It also means that package maintainers will not need to build two 
versions (or decide on one or the other)
Are we going to make the "enforcer workers" tag mandatory? I vote for 
optional and if it doesn't exist then workers == 1.


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