[Opendnssec-develop] kaspimport perl dependency removal?

John Dickinson jad at jadickinson.co.uk
Thu Jun 4 11:02:34 UTC 2009

On 4 Jun 2009, at 10:36, sion at nominet.org.uk wrote:

>> kaspimport currently depends on perl and DBI. would it be a large
>> amount of work to code this in C?
> kaspimport is a "quick 'n' dirty" way of setting up the database  
> consistent
> with the xml configuration files. I believe that it was never  
> intended to
> be a permanent feature, or to be used in anything other than testing.

that is how i wrote it

> So, if we are to re-write it in C, should we decide exactly what we  
> need
> for production? Or is it okay as it is, just not in the right  
> language?

I think a real frontend is needed - web or command line, I don't  
really care. I did suggest to Stephen that we could consider a Ruby/ 
Rails web frontend - the DB tables were named to make this "easy" -  
not that I really know enough ruby or rails to be sure how easy it  
really would be.

> The database schemas themselves are actually created with shell  
> scripts, is
> this okay?
> On the topic of dependencies; I notice that the xml stuff needs java  
> (and
> trang.jar). Is this just when building from subversion or is a release
> going to have this dependency too?

trang is needed to convert rnc to rng. I guess we could ship just the  
rng files.


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