[Opendnssec-develop] kaspimport perl dependency removal?

Jakob Schlyter jakob at kirei.se
Fri Jun 5 09:32:50 UTC 2009

On 4 jun 2009, at 11.36, sion at nominet.org.uk wrote:

> So, if we are to re-write it in C, should we decide exactly what we  
> need
> for production? Or is it okay as it is, just not in the right  
> language?

I believe we have to watch our dependencies and adding Perl+DBI is yet  
another one. so far we have:


> The database schemas themselves are actually created with shell  
> scripts, is
> this okay?

sure, since they require no external programs that we not already have.

> On the topic of dependencies; I notice that the xml stuff needs java  
> (and
> trang.jar). Is this just when building from subversion or is a release
> going to have this dependency too?

it's only used when building the RelaxNG (rng) from Compact (rnc).


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