[Opendnssec-announce] OpenDNSSEC 1.0.0b7

Rickard Bellgrim rickard.bellgrim at iis.se
Mon Nov 16 10:08:51 UTC 2009

The 7th beta-version of OpenDNSSEC has been released.

The following things are new for this release:

    * ods-auditor: Dnsruby version 1.40 or later required.
    * ods-kaspcheck: Checks Enforcer SQLite datastore to ensure writable
    * Signer Engine: LDNS 1.6.2 is recommended (bugfixes)
    * The supported RRs are documented on the wiki


    * ods-ksmutil: Segmentation fault when missing arguments to “key import”
    * KASP Enforcer: Improved support for MySQL (experimental)
    * Signer Engine: DLV is included in NSEC RR (fixed in LDNS 1.6.2)
    * Signer Engine: Better handling of removed zones
    * Signer Engine: Correct handling of zero length rdata – RFC3597 style (fixed in LDNS trunk)
    * Signer Engine: Inherit class of zone to DNSSEC-related RRs

Download the tarball from: http://www.opendnssec.org/files/source/opendnssec-1.0.0b7.tar.gz

// OpenDNSSEC team
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