[Opendnssec-user] KSK Rollover in OpenDNSSec 2.0

Gerhard Schmidt schmidt at ze.tum.de
Thu Aug 19 09:16:42 UTC 2021


KSK Roll-overs are approaching on many of my domains.

I've done the roll-over on my second installation with v1.4 without any 

But with 2.0 documentation is quite lacking and I'm  struck.

I started the roll-over with

ods-enforcer key rollover --zone <domain>

ods-enforcer rollover list reports
<domain>                    KSK      2026-08-18 10:44:50

ods-enforcer key list --zone  <domain>
<domain>                    KSK      active    2021-08-20 00:44:50
<domain>                    ZSK      active    2021-08-20 00:44:50
<domain>                    ZSK      retire    2021-08-20 00:44:50
<domain>                    KSK      publish   2021-08-20 00:44:50
<domain>                    ZSK      publish   2021-08-20 00:44:50

so far so good.

Now I'm stuck. how do I get the information in need to send to my provider.

I tried
ods-enforcer key ds-submit --zone <doamin> -x <keyid>
0 KSK matches found.
0 KSKs changed.

I tried
ods-enforcer key export --zone <domain>

no output at all


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