[Opendnssec-user] wrapper development continues

Eliot Lear lear at ofcourseimright.com
Fri Oct 27 09:40:50 UTC 2017


I've got some tools command line tools to insert, remote, and list out
keys on GKG.NET.  I'm not ready to roll out a full scale wrapper yet
because I am trying to decide how to structure it.  GKG is pretty good
about immediately publishing DS records.  Therefore, what I am thinking
is of just doing a one step, that does the following:

  * Adds the records
  * Issues a ds-seen on success
  * Removes the old records,
  * Issues ds-gone on success.

It would be good to check status on ds-seen and ds-gone without having
to parse the output of "key list".  Does enforcer return with a
reasonable status code on these?


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