[Opendnssec-user] upgrade debian Jessie to Stretch: database trouble

Casper Gielen C.Gielen at uvt.nl
Thu Nov 2 13:14:35 UTC 2017

Op 02-11-17 om 11:03 schreef Berry A.W. van Halderen:
>> The next step (migrating to 2.0 db) involves running of convert_mysql in
>> Bash. Initially this results in “error 1071 specified key was too long
>> max key length is 767 bytes”. I tried to resolve this by setting the
>> InnoDB variable innodb_file_format to ‘Barracuda’ and enabling
>> innodb_large_prefix. This resulted in a new but similar error: “error
>> 1709 index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767
>> bytes.”. And I’ve not been able to resolve this, which basically means
>> that I’m stuck in the migration process towards OpenDNSSEC 2.0 and
>> cannot start the relevant services on my server.
> Contacted off-list for further database dumps.  I would expected any
> need to really change the file format or prefixes.  That seems real
> odd.  The biggest index we have is (rightfully) on a keylocator column
> of 255 bytes.  Almost all others are on integers.  I suspect some
> polluting has occurred in the database and contains some weird
> data in certain columns.

The problem is in:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX zoneName ON zone ( name(255) );

The key is 255 characters, but a character may take multiple bytes,
depending on the enconding.

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