[Opendnssec-user] upgrade debian Jessie to Stretch: database trouble

Dennis Baaten dennis at baaten.com
Thu Nov 2 09:42:39 UTC 2017



I upgraded my server from Debian Jessie (8) to Debian Stretch (9; the newest
Stable release). With this upgrade OpenDNSSEC is upgraded from 1.4.6 to
2.0.3, while Mysql 5.5.58 is upgraded to MariaDB 10.1.26. My current
OpenDNSSEC implementation uses a MySQL backend and follows the principle of
'input and output files'.


During the upgrade I was made aware of the fact that the OpenDNSSEC upgrade
to 2.0.3 requires two steps. Quote:



There are two steps in the database migration.  If you are running
OpenDNSSEC 1.4.6 from Debian stable, you need to apply the SQL statements
from /usr/share/opendnssec/migrate_1_4_8.{mysql,sqlite3} against your
existing database. 


The enforcer does require a full migration, as the internal database has
been completely revised.  See the upstream documentation in the
/usr/share/opendnssec/1.4-2.0_db_convert/README.md for a description.


You should also review the documentation on the OpenDNSSEC site.  This can
be updated in between releases to provide more help. Especially if you have
tooling around OpenDNSSEC you should be aware that some command line
utilities have changed.  A fair amount of backward compatibility has been
respected, but changes are present.  



In an attempt to migrate the database, I first ran the migrate_1_4_8.mysql.
This threw the error that KEYDATA_VIEW already existed. As this table was
empty, I removed it, and ran the remaining part of the SQL from
migrate_1_4_8.mysql again. This resulted in a view with the name
KEYDATA_VIEW. No further errors. 


The next step (migrating to 2.0 db) involves running of convert_mysql in
Bash. Initially this results in "error 1071 specified key was too long max
key length is 767 bytes". I tried to resolve this by setting the InnoDB
variable innodb_file_format to 'Barracuda' and enabling innodb_large_prefix.
This resulted in a new but similar error: "error 1709 index column size too
large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes.". And I've not been able to
resolve this, which basically means that I'm stuck in the migration process
towards OpenDNSSEC 2.0 and cannot start the relevant services on my server.


Any help is much appreciated.




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