[Opendnssec-user] OpenDNSSEC 2.1.0 released

Sebastian Wiesinger sebastian at karotte.org
Fri Apr 21 08:12:26 UTC 2017

* Yuri Schaeffer <yuri at nlnetlabs.nl> [2017-04-21 10:05]:
> > So noone really tested migrating a MySQL backed OpenDNSSEC
> > installation from 1.4 to 2.x? I'm a bit concerned about this, as there
> > are a lot of TLDs using OpenDNSSEC. Do they all still use 1.4? Do they
> > not use MySQL? Didn't anyone test this in development?
> Well, I did test it. But it is a complex migration because the database
> layout and key state representation changed radically. Unfortunately I
> can only test a subset of every imaginable situation in my lifetime.

Yes, I know that, I was just under the impression that someone might
have brought that up before. I didn't want to imply you had to test it
all yourself.

> It is true (my impression) that most people run OpenDNSSEC with SQLite
> and the migration script was initially developed (and mostly tested for
> corner cases and such) for SQLite and later adapted for MySQL. Same
> database layout, slightly different SQL dialect.

Okay, I was thinking that bigger installations would most likely
prefer MySQL but then again a TLD proably doesn't have a "big
installation" in regards to zones in the database...

> In that process there was an oversight of some SQL dialect issues, like
> the comment syntax. But depending on your MySQL version /and/ the
> contents of your database this may or may not be a problem. It wasn't
> for me at the time and went undetected.

That explains it, I thought it didn't work for MySQL at all from the
beginning. I can confirm that your patch does indeed fix it for me,
thank you. :)



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