[Opendnssec-user] odd-enforce zapping domains

Hoda Rohani hoda at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Sep 26 11:45:32 UTC 2016

Hi David,

After deleting the zones in the enforcer, you need to run 'ods-signer update'. This command forces signer to get the updates, you won't see deleted zones in the signer's queue any more.


Yes,  keys remain in the hsm. For deleting keys, you can issue 'ods-hsmutil remove id'.



Hoda Rohani


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Is it possible to rebuild the database for 3 zones that were delete from the database.  ods-signer is still signing the 3 domains:


ods-signer zones
There are 3 zones configured
- 1
- 2

- 3


ods-enforcer zone list

Database set to: opendnssec
No zones in database.

zone list completed in 0 seconds. 


Keys are still in the HSM.


I need to keep the KSK at minimum the ZSK and RRSIG records can be re-generated.




David Peall


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