[Opendnssec-user] ods 2.0.1 ZSK roll-over problem

Yuri Schaeffer yuri at nlnetlabs.nl
Thu Sep 22 10:58:04 UTC 2016

Hi Fred,

We are currently in the process of finding out why the retired ZSK after
the migration gets unpublished to fast. It seems an issue in the
migration script. Working on it.

This issue seems unrelated. Judging from the output the old ZSK DNSKEY
is still being published in the DNSKEY set. At least what the enforcer
is concerned:

> Zone:                           Key role:     DS:          DNSKEY: RRSIGDNSKEY: RRSIG:       Pub: Act: Id:
> KVI.nl                          ZSK           NA           hidden       NA hidden       0    0    d5104974928d9d3b962efe9cdb0d423c
> KVI.nl                          ZSK           NA           omnipresent  NA unretentive  1    0    63b58e329df2a6bfa09671425146b72d
> KVI.nl                          ZSK           NA           omnipresent  NA rumoured     1    1    0ef4982714ed47c4cf84c87e62c38890

> Zone:                           Keytype: State:    Date of next transition: Size: Algorithm: CKA_ID:                          Repository: KeyTag:
> KVI.nl                          ZSK      retire    2016-10-05 00:29:43 1024  8          d5104974928d9d3b962efe9cdb0d423c SoftHSM     30271
> KVI.nl                          ZSK      retire    2016-10-05 00:29:43 1024  8          63b58e329df2a6bfa09671425146b72d SoftHSM     20904
> KVI.nl                          ZSK      ready     2016-10-05 00:29:43 1024  8          0ef4982714ed47c4cf84c87e62c38890 SoftHSM     13143

Notice the "Pub" flag on key 63b58e329df2a6bfa09671425146b72d and

The signer should include both keys in the set. 2 things could be happening:

1) A bug in the enforcer where it outputs the wrong signconf. Please
check the entry for the 63b58e329df2a6bfa09671425146b72d key in the
signconf. it should have a <ZSK/> element.

2) A bug in the signer where it fails to include the DNSKEY. I find this
unlikely. Since it is explicitly told to do so and this code did not see
many changes for quite a while.

(3) I almost don't dare to mention it: The DNSKEY is overlooked in the
signed file. It looks like the above mentioned problem of the faulty
migration and having no key in the 'active' is confusing?


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