[Opendnssec-user] Sudden failure related to NSEC3, Re: Sudden failure related to NSEC3

Havard Eidnes he at uninett.no
Sun Jul 10 09:10:54 UTC 2016

>> I took a copy of the tmp/ directory in OpenDNSSEC (and then
>> removed the files there), and have a copy of the "bad" zones
>> which came out at the other end if someone wants to take a look
>> at it to possibly find out how this could happen.
> This sound bad, please send me as much you can from before and after the
> problem, including policies and database if possible.

Will do in a separate private message.

> You are running 1.4.10 I presume?

I'm actually running 1.4.9 with some fixes applied, some of them
remnants from debugging earlier problems.  In particular, the
earlier fix which added zone_del_nsec3params() which came from
your end is part of my running code.


- Håvard

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