[Opendnssec-user] Signature delay for one zone has one million domains

yaohongyuan yaohongyuan at 163.com
Wed Jan 27 09:48:16 UTC 2016

Hi all ,
        I had one zone which has about more than one million domains . 
        Recently noticed that when add a new domain under this zone almost cost 40 minutes . 
        But the other zones were regular worked , just cost about 1 minutes to sign one new incoming RR record.(from in-bind throw opendnssec to out-bind).
        All zones' config are the same . 
        Is if one zone more than one million domains will beyond the opendnssec's control ? (I think 1,000,000 is not a large number for opendnssec)
        And I did some change in config file , set re-sign per 5 minutes  , but the result is unsatisfactory ( from in-bind throw opendnssec to out-bind cost about 20+ minutes).
        Performance test for our HSM , result is 2600 RR/S , but from log the avg is so far from this.
            Jan 27 16:42:24 SST03 ods-signerd: [STATS] XX 1453884069 RR[count=1 time=1(sec)] NSEC3[count=0 time=0(sec)] RRSIG[new=9 reused=1035661 time=34(sec) avg=0(sig/sec)] TOTAL[time=76(sec)] 

        After check the syslog always met log as : 
            Jan 27 16:58:13 SST03 ods-signerd: [query] incoming notify for zone XX
            Jan 27 16:58:13 SST03 ods-signerd: [query] ignore notify from localhost: zone XX transfer in progress
        How could I speed up the opendnssec to sign this zone timely ?
        Could I deploy the opendnssec into a distributed cluster server to increase the opendnssec's processing speed?
        We used opendnssec version is 1.4.7.
        Could anybody please help me to fix this issue together?

With kind regards,
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