[Opendnssec-user] CDS Support

Jacques Latour jacques.latour at cira.ca
Fri Jan 22 15:05:22 UTC 2016

Thanks!  We¹ll give it a try.

On 2016-01-22, 3:14 AM, "Opendnssec-user on behalf of Matthijs Mekking"
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>Hi Jack,
>On 21-01-16 22:04, Jacques Latour wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Did some research and could not determine if the OpenDNSSEC signer
>>supports CDS?
>> What's the status on that feature?
>The status is (I think) there is proof of concept code:
>Basically it does:
>- Add <CDS> fields to KASP and signconf, also to configure digest type.
>- If <CDS> set in signconf, publish CDS record (which is similar logic
>to <Publish> for DNSKEY)
>Best regards,
>  Matthijs
>> Jack 
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