[Opendnssec-user] ODS 2.0.1 did not start after reboot.

Fred.Zwarts F.Zwarts at KVI.nl
Tue Aug 30 10:14:53 UTC 2016

"Petr Spacek"  schreef in bericht 
news:2e3a5fd7-0746-c621-d15a-f95abe280b4b at redhat.com...
>On 30.8.2016 10:12, Wytze van der Raay wrote:
>> On 08/30/2016 09:46 AM, Fred.Zwarts wrote:
>>> ODS 2.0.1 has now been running satisfactory on our test system for 
>>> several
>>> weeks. However, recently we noticed that each time we reboot the system,
>>> ods does not startup properly. It turns out that after each reboot, the
>>> directory /var/run/opendnssec has disappeared, so opendnssec can not 
>>> start,
>>> because it wants to create sock and pid files in this directory. I have
>>> worked around this problem, by modifying /usr/local/sbin/ods-control, 
>>> where
>>> I added a mkdir for this directory just before the startup of the
>>> enforcer.
>>> It is not clear to me how this directory disappears. The test system 
>>> runs
>>> SLES 12 SP1.
>>> I hope that this information helps to improve this software.
>> I recognize the problem ... we are running ODS 2.0.1 on OpenSUSE 13.2,
>> which is presumably quite similar to SLES 12 SP1. The /var/run directory
>> is a symbolic link to the /run directory. /run is created as tmpfs on
>> every reboot, ie its content does not persist. This change has been made 
>> in
>> SUSE and several other Linux distros to accomodate systemd, see for 
>> example
>> http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Linux-distributions-to-include-run-directory-1219006.html
>> for some background.
>> I *think* that if one uses a proper systemd script for starting/stopping 
>> ODS,
>> it is possible to have the opendnssec directory created automatically 
>> more or
>> less, but my current hack is to put a "mkdir -p /var/run/opendnssec" in 
>> its
>> (oldfashioned init-style) startup script. The same issue exists with nsd,
>> and I solved it in the same way.
>"Proper systemd-way" is to use tmpfiles.d config file:
>It allows to specify what directories and files should be re-created as
>needed. I'm attaching config file which is shipped right now by Fedora 24.
>It would be awesome if OpenDNSSEC could ship its tmpfiles.d config file
>somewhere in contrib directory in source tree or so. It would allow all
>systemd-based distros to use the proper config file instead of inventing 
>buggy ones.
>Petr Spacek  @  Red Hat

Thanks. I made a conf file in /etc/tmpfiles.d and it works! No messing in 
files that are overwritten with new versions of opendnssec. 

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