[Opendnssec-user] ods-signerd: robustness & resource demands?

Havard Eidnes he at uninett.no
Mon Nov 16 10:52:49 UTC 2015

>> And then when I came to restart OpenDNSSEC the old problem with it
>> being unable to restart, the signer falls down over an assertion:
>> Oct 15 15:35:43 hugin ods-signerd: [xfrd] zone fyrkat.no request tcp/ixfr=2015101306 to
>> Oct 15 15:35:43 hugin ods-signerd: [xfrd] zone fyrkat.no transfer done [notify acquired 0, serial on disk 2015101500, notify serial 0]
>> Oct 15 15:35:50 hugin ods-signerd: signer/ixfr.c:230: part_print: assertion part->soamin failed
> Looking at the log, indicates me that the notify was picked up and the
> zone got processed, but trying to send out the zone over axfr failed.
>> and I ended up having to move away all the tmp/ files in OpenDNSSEC
>> before it could again be successfully started.
> It might be interesting to see how the processed zone ended up, which
> should be part of one of the files in the tmp/ directory.  It is
> possible to share it with us?

Sure, but perhaps not with the entire list?

In the process I renamed away the old tmp/ directory, but the
rest of the state is of course gone since I had to make
opendnssec run again.

>> Am I alone in having problems restarting OpenDNSSEC when it's used in
>> the "axfr in, axfr out" mode?
> It is indeed specific to the axfr out mode.  We need to further look
> into this.  It is a proper set-up you have.



- Håvard

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