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zhujinjun at knet.cn zhujinjun at knet.cn
Tue May 12 05:34:45 UTC 2015

hi,    I'm zhujinjun,I want  to feedback a problem when I use the opendnssec1.4.7 and I  think it's a bug of opendnssec1.4.7.    I keep in inserting data to inbind(The rate I insert  the inbind is 500/s),the ods-signerd process works properly at first.But when the data in inbind is up to 70,000,the  ods-signerd process stops work and the process is not dead.I get the logs,there has been no log about signerd but 'index
ods-signerd: [query] ignore notify from zone dstest2 transfer in
progress',and this log will print as long as I insert data to inbind.Finally,the inbind can Successfully resolve the domain name,but outbind can't.     Please configure if this is a bug.     Thanks for your early reply.      Best Regards.      zhujinjun.


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