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Jack Craig jack.craig.aptos at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 16:42:55 UTC 2014

Hi Jakob,

Sadly this isnt my first run in the weeds! :(

But for the sake of understanding, my app / env is failing C_FindObject
after which my app crash's & burns.

I thought to crawl into the C_FindObject and see what its looking for &
why its not happening. i am going to setup pkcs11-spy for this issue,
but is it untrue C_FindObject is looking in the object store??

Thx again, ...

PS: cc'ing this to the list, sorry i didnt catch that earlier in the

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 4:37 AM, Jakob Schlyter <jakob at kirei.se> wrote:

> On 15 jan 2014, at 00:26, Jack Craig <jack.craig.aptos at gmail.com> wrote:
> > i have been trying to make sense of the object use under
> /var/lib/softhsm/tokens/..
> >
> > it looks like section 10 in the spec talks about objects and their use,
> > it seems this folder is simply the file location for object storage...
> >
> > Or maybe i am off in the weeds, ... :)
> Yes, I believe you are :-)
> There are no user serviceable parts inside SoftHSM and there is no
> information in the object _store_ /var/lib/softhsm/tokens that you supposed
> to understand (unless you read the source). All interaction with SoftHSM is
> through PKCS#11 only.
>         jakob
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> Jakob Schlyter
> Kirei AB - www.kirei.se
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