[Opendnssec-user] Question about DNSSEC

Abdalmonem Tharwat Galila agalila at mcit.gov.eg
Sun Aug 31 17:54:49 UTC 2014

Hi ,
I have many questions in my mind about DNSSEC , could you help me to find an answer ?
1) Which details required to be sent to parent ?
      1-1)   How can i get this data from OpenDNSSEC ?
      1-2)   every time opendnssec resigns the zone , this data should be sent to parent !!!
2) How can i manage rollover process ?
3) How can i backup keys and slots ?
4) How to backup DB ?
5) How to upgrade OpenDNSSEC ? are there any notes about that ?
6) How can i clone the current system to another one without any failure ? are there any notes about that ?
7) are there any yum repo to install opendnssec ?

If there any tutorials that has  my questions answer , i appreciate that.


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