[Opendnssec-user] OpenDNSSEC and thales

Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Mon Apr 21 13:43:54 UTC 2014

I'm wondering around in the dark....

Config is OpenDNSSEC 1.4.3, Thales HSM and MySQL on Gentoo (up to date)

Environment includes..

export PKCS11_NCIPHER=/opt/nfast/toolkits/pkcs11/libcknfast.so

Admin and SoftKey have been generated on the HSM (story in itself)...
# ppmk --new --non-recoverable OpenDNSSEC
FIPS: insert OCS/ACS:
 Module 1: 0 cards read                
 Module 1 slot 0: empty
(rushed over to the HSM and stuck in an Admin card)                
Card reading
Enter new pass phrase: *mysecret*
Enter new pass phrase again: 
New softcard created: HKLTU 8e1ae6104442f2a568c4fcf0b747b9ad112d7275

(The above will only work once a "Security World" is created - so I
believe that's OK)

Configs have been updates (DB=Mysql, HSM=Thales)

> <Repository name="thales">
>   <Module>/opt/nfast/toolkits/pkcs11/libcknfast.so</Module>
>   <TokenLabel>OpenDNSSEC</TokenLabel>
>   <PIN>TheSameSecret</PIN>
>   <Capacity>255</Capacity>
> </Repository>

OpenDNSSEC compiled clean...

ods-ksmutil setup: appears to have run just fine.
I have three zones in the system.

ods-enforcerd started (version 1.4.3), pid 14122
Could not start enforcer

Tail of Log says:
pr 21 15:12:15 vhost2 ods-enforcerd: 3 zone(s) found on policy "nsec3"
Apr 21 15:12:15 vhost2 ods-enforcerd: 3 new KSK(s) (2048 bits) need to
be created.
Apr 21 15:12:15 vhost2 ods-enforcerd: Error creating key in repository
Apr 21 15:12:15 vhost2 ods-enforcerd: generate key pair: Unknown error

Where do I start and debug this?

I really don't know if the HSM and OpenDNSSEC are talking together. I've
seen no place where I tell OpenDNSSEC the IP address of the HSM. I can
talk to the HSM using thales supplied software, which always needs an IP
address. The OpenDNSSEC docs don't seem to have an HSP IP address.

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